Main Screen

The main screen displays your top 5 debtors on your account and what their volume is. It also shows your purchase and collection history for the past 12 months. This will help you assess how business is thriving.

Credit Check Request

Want to Factor a New Customer?

Go to the Data Entry Tab and Click Credit Request.

Enter your information & click Next, Complete the second form fields & click next, list the amount of credit you need, terms, etc and Click Next, Your Done!

A ticket will be emailed to you with details.

BOS Batch / Payment Report Details

View & Print up to the minute reports, see invoices funded and when an invoice paid. Processed Invoices Batches will show you both. All reports have the same format as the ones UC Factors mails you.

BOS Batch Details

Payment Report Details

PDF Reports

Print or View Aging, Chargeback Reports, or Client Ledger Reports anytime you want.

Not sure if you factored an invoice or not, look at your aging and find out, it’s that simple.